Group Health Insurance

As health care costs have spiraled and renewal rates have soared, many companies have been hard-pressed to maintain the level of coverage that their employees have become accustomed to. In response to this trend, LIEBG has become an industry leader in developing innovative solutions and next-generation plan designs to help clients stabilize their health coverage costs while maintaining, or even improving, benefits.

Health Insurance Products and Services

LIEBG works with the entire spectrum of group health insurance products, including PPOs, EPOs, HDHPs, HMOs, and self-insured arrangements, and will work with your company to design and implement a plan that is right for you. In the experience-rated market, our efforts to incentivize smart health care behaviors through analytical and intelligent plan design will help promote cost-effective utilization. For smaller community-rated plans, we aim to provide you with maximum plan design flexibility and customized contribution levels so that you can best meet the needs of your small business.

Health Care Reform

The recent law makes sweeping changes to our nation’s healthcare system, and there is a significant impact upon employers and their healthcare coverage. In conjunction with our affiliated law firm, Vaccaro & Prisco LLP, we work with our clients to analyze plan options, ensure plan compliance, and maximize cost-effectiveness under the reform provisions.