Administration Services

LIEBG serves as the third-party administrator for plans ranging from one participant to 1000+ participants, and we apply a consistently high level of attention to detail to each plan.  We pride ourself in meticulous plan administration and a level of service and professionalism that is second to none. Along with our financial institution partners, we continue to refine and enhance our systems to accommodate the expanding needs of our clients and to provide for consistent, efficient, and accurate administration of our client’s retirement plans.

Our administrative services include:

Annual Reporting (i.e., Form 5500)

Summary Annual Reports 

Hardship withdrawals  

 FAS reporting 

ADP & ACP Testing

Distributions to participants 

Minimum coverage testing 

Top heavy analysis 

Discrimination testing 

Regular participants statements 

Calculation of required contributions 

AFTAP certifications 

Minimum participation testing 

 QDRO processing

Safe – Harbor notices

Calculation of plan termination liabilities

Calculation of tax – deductible contributions 

Annual actuarial valuation and reporting

QDIA notices 


Whether performing compliance testing or processing participant loans or hardship distributions, our administrators provovide outstanding customer service with a focus on the well-being of your plan and your employees.